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Conventions and Fairs

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Conventions and Fairs

At Ratio Deka we understand the power of education, scientific activity and everything that human spiritual growth entails, that is why we set ourselves the task of perfecting the mechanisms that allow us to channel it to the general public:

  1. Organization and carrying out national and international scientific activities.
  • We provide outsourcing services for all types of activities and processes belonging to any field or sector.
  • We offer, organize and execute postgraduate and post-basic courses, internships, diplomas and trainings to foreign students who request it with non-tourist accommodation and associated gastronomy in the current currency in the destination country.
  • We will guarantee alternatives whenever possible to carry out these fairs and conventions on the Internet, using the platforms established for it and with easy access; establishing the organizational mechanisms that this entails.

Of course, we know about the risks of COVID-19, and we take all precautions needed to organize a minimum risk environment for all participants. Mandatory government rules applies.