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Public Relations and Communications

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Public Relations & Communications

Our specialists understand the importance of communicating the right idea about your company, which defines its essence, and they pay special attention to the details that are required to facilitate this monumental task.

Find with us the following services:

  • At Ratio Deka we know about programming computer applications as a basis for study material for improvement, professional, academic, technical and other human resources, in any sector that is demanded.
  • Providing printing services to our clients like teaching and research materials, brochures, and textbooks, among others.
  • Facilitation of the institutional relationship for the preparation of social program projects.
  • We love to channel the information and propaganda activity of tourism initiatives as well as the distribution and sale of useful publications for tourism, such as guides, specialized magazines and other illustrative works, all through direct sales to the public, through the use of networks IT or through the management of internet sites related to such activities.